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I bring in a full-cycle perspective to developmental tennis. I have been a professional tennis player and then a professional tennis coach before I embarked on my sports psychology journey. I have also had the good fortune to train under some of the best coaches in India, to name a few Mr. Akthar Ali, Garry O’Brien, Ronny Sarker, Kalyan Singha, Sabyasachi Guha, Shane Nyss, and Ranadeep Moitra. I was also fortunate to play doubles with Davis Cuppers, Saurav Panja, and Nitin Kirtane and was mentored by former Davis Cupper Mr. Prahlad Srinath and current Davis Cup Coach Mr. Zeeshan Ali.

As I dug deeper and deeper into how an individual can get to their potential best, the idea of a systemic science-based approach always came to the forefront. The most important being the mental, followed by fitness. My passion lies in both the mental and physical aspects of the game, and I offer my services to anyone who needs it. Below are some of my highlights:

  • Highly ranked junior in ITF
  • Ranked top 30 in men’s India 2017
  • Trained and played Regionalliga club leagues and ITF futures in Germany
  • Worked with several Indian top 10 Players (juniors and women’s) as full time and travelling coach with exposure in Africa, Europe, and middle east.

Services & Pricing

Mental Strength Training For Tennis Players

As a former tennis player and an athlete, I know your world. I know you need to get maximum results in the shortest time possible. I’ve created a program that is quick and easy to use and delivers powerful results.

  • You will learn to handle pressure and nerves with ease so you can compete at your very best.
  • You will learn to overcome your fears, so they no longer hold you back and steal your joy.
  • You will learn to deal with your negative emotions so you can find joy in your sport again.
  • You will be coached in real time so you can learn to apply these tools and reach your dreams.

These are the three aspects of my belief system. We will work around these three elements:


Focus, thoughts, imagination, memory, and will power.


Accountability and execution


Inter-personal relationships, peer group, and acquaintances.


Evaluation Process

Online: Based on your evaluation On field: During tournaments


Complete customized program after evaluation

Consultation Call

Complete customized program after evaluation

Execution Process

Based on the plan, we will make 1 – 2 calls/week (online) Messaging support on all days, if required.


Services Include:

  • Periodic deep down mental skills assessment
  • Weekly phone/or video session for an hour
  • As needed phone/or video session outside of the scheduled call
  • Goal setting
  • WhatsApp messaging before match and post-match
  • Weekly accountability tasks

FREE ASSESSMENT (Bibaswan's Confidence Package)

Free /365 Days More Details

Premium 6 weeks confidence plan (Bibaswan's Confidence Package)

Buy Now$60/6 Weeks More Details

Monthly ongoing coaching (Bibaswan's Confidence Package)

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