Women’s Tennis Scholarships Guide & FAQ 2022

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All three NCAA division levels feature around 10,000 women's college tennis players. Less than 1% of these 10,000 athletes compete as US high school tennis players for NCAA Division 1 teams. College tennis is the NCAA sport with the highest number of international athletes participating. In 2017, 35.4% of women's tennis players playing at the NCAA Division 1 level were international athletes. 

To be spotted and have a chance at receiving an athletic scholarship, candidates must be proactive in the college recruiting process and maintain regular contact with coaches. 

  • Number of scholarships 
    When the NCAA sets a cap on the number of athletes who can get scholarships each year, this is known as a headcount scholarship. Only full scholarships that pay the entire cost of tuition are awarded under the headcount program. 
  • Scholarships for equivalency 
    A maximum scholarship budget is granted to college coaches, who can then divide it up however they see fit to offer scholarship packages. These are referred to as partial scholarships because just a portion of the expense of tuition is covered. As long as they don't go over the budget cap, college coaches are free to decide whether to give out bigger scholarships to fewer players on the team or smaller ones to more.

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How to obtain a tennis scholarship? 

In women's college tennis, international recruiting is quite popular; in 2017, 35.4% of roster holders competing at the NCAA Division 1 level were international players. The fact that some college coaches save a portion of their scholarship funding for these athletes as a perk for moving to the US is therefore not surprising. But regardless of where an athlete is from, it is a fact that college coaches prefer athletes with a strong academic record and a well-rounded skill set. Recruits must demonstrate their ability to balance their academic and athletic careers while making an immediate contribution to the team. 


What are the possibilities of receiving a tennis scholarship for college? 

Did you know that college coaches can make a recruit one of four distinct sorts of offers? The many paths a recruit can take to make the roster are shown below.

  • Offering a full scholarship: A maximum of eight players may receive full-ride scholarships from an NCAA Division 1 women's tennis program when it is fully funded. College coaches may provide a maximum of six full-ride equivalent scholarships for Division 2 programs that are fully funded. Division 1 teams are more frequently given full rides.
  • Tennis coaches in Division 2: Colleges will grant a number of recruits and roster regulars partial scholarships in an effort to stretch their scholarship money. This makes it possible for them to finance as many athletes as they can. A fully funded women's tennis program, for instance, might decide to allocate its scholarship funds to eight of its 12 players. 
  • Walk-on recruits are preferred: College coaches that don't have the funds to provide every recruit with financial aid but still want to offer a student-athlete a seat on the team can make this offer.

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How to apply for tennis scholarships?

Recruits cannot directly apply for athletic scholarships, but they can improve their prospects by how they present themselves during the recruiting process. A step-by-step look at how recruits might attract the interest of college coaches is provided below:

  • Build a recruitment video: This may be the first opportunity a college coach has to assess the skill level of a candidate. With the help of this list of recruiting video suggestions, make a compelling film that emphasizes the recruit's athletic ability.
  • Visit tennis camps: Recruits should go to college tennis showcase camps across the country to meet college coaches in person. These are fantastic chances to battle against challenging opponents.
  • College coaches to contact: Recruits can still send college coaches an introduction email before June 15 of the athlete's sophomore year to express interest in competing for their team. Coaches cannot contact the recruits until after June 15th of the athlete’s sophomore year.
  • Create a free account with Tennis Wizard and create a free web page: One of the best ways to gain college coaches' attention early in the recruiting process is to create a Tennis Wizard Recruiting Profile. College coaches will probably come across this profile as they search for potential recruits.

Which universities offer the finest women's tennis scholarships? 

Finding the ideal college match with the highest chance for an athletic scholarship might be difficult.  Unfortunately, no Ivy League universities offer athletic scholarships.  In considering universities, look at their player’s UTR’s and see if you are a good fit.  Or identify how much better you need to become to be a logical recruit. Best of luck!

Women’s Tennis Scholarships Guide & FAQ 2022

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