9 Tennis Recruiting Tips

9 Tennis Recruiting Tips
  1. Coaches interaction: It's an essential civility to answer every one of the requests you get from a school, whether or not you're not enthused about the program. 

  1. Start as early as possible: Start approaching coaches and schools early, but don't rush. Create a perfect profile to showcase your achievement, ranking, etc. 

  1. Feature/abilities video: Highlighting videos are the best way to land on a coach recruiting radar. The video doesn't need to be professional, create a relevant video to pitch to recruiters. 

  1. Easy to recruit: Recruiters should have easy access to your profile, which should include your achievements, complete recruiting profile, contact information, entrance exam scores, etc. 

  1. Focus on yourself: Your ranking/rating will surely help you get noticed by coaches. Now you need to focus on your coming years as your college and recruiters look for the same.

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  3. Campus visit: Take a campus visit, get all your questions to your coach, and check with the college programs. Look around the campus, and ask about academics and the admissions process. 

  4. Follow up: Just after your visit, the second step will be follow-up. Even if you haven’t made up your mind, a post-visit follow-up is a good way to keep all your options open with every coach. 

  1. Recruitment guide / services: There are multiple tennis recruitment services that provide you with the college recruitment guide with expert consultation. 

  1. Social media promotion: Social media has a meaningful impact on a tennis player's recruitment to college or finding sponsors. Social media promotions can be used in advocating your profile as a prospective athlete.

Tennis Recruiting Tips

Anirban Dutta

Anirban Dutta

Anirban Dutta is the Co-Founder of Tennis Wizard. He is a former NCAA DI College player and assistant coach, minority owner of tennis club & academy, USTA TX board member, USTA National Pro Circuit committee member. He has two teenagers playing ITF juniors.

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