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Overcome student-athlete lifestyle pressure and improve mental toughness with tennis specific mental training

Tennis Wizard is a mental wellness safe place for student-athletes. It is a digital platform that helps student-athletes navigate through the daily stress of the student-athlete journey and prepares them specifically for tennis-specific mental skills training. Tennis Wizard can also be used by both junior and adult tennis players, who are seeking tennis mental training and mental toughness for tennis.

Tennis Wizard is trying to solve the problem of off-court mental isolation and on-court performance anxiety for tennis players, especially student-athletes. Middle & high school students already have enormous pressures. like societal, academic, family and identity are to name a few. Student-athletes have additional pressures on top of that; like athletic expectations, college athletic scholarships, and loneliness associated with sports lifestyle. The ongoing pressures mentally isolate the student-athletes and put them in a dark mental space.


Tennis Wizard has started because we found the existing solutions to be inadequate. Student-athletes tend to go to parents, coaches, counselors, the internet, peers, and non-sports friends to seek support. Often times they are disappointed. Parents are well-intentioned but do not have the background to help. Coaches may have knowledge in sports-specific mental strength training but fail to understand off-court mental challenges. Counselors understand mental health but often fail to understand specific student-athlete pressures related to specific sports. The internet can provide some answers but it overloads athletes with too much information and athletes fail to differentiate between signal versus noise. Fellow student-athletes are often frenemies and not a great resource to get support. Non-sports friends are a great resource to seek support but often cannot relate to the demands of being a student-athlete.

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